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In 2013, the total revenue for the sector was RMB 1.93 billion.This more than doubled to RMB 4 billion at the end of 2017 and is expected to reach over RMB 5 billion by 2020.“[The] newly-born population during 1982-1997 shows that demand for marriage will remain high in the next 5-10 years.Making up 20% of China’s population, this group is just reaching (or about to) the legal marriage age—22 years old for men and 20 years old for women.Today’s youth feel the same societal pressures that weighed on their parents.One year after launching, Gong found a husband on the website she created.Confucian ideals and parental influence continue to play an important role when selecting a partner and, in the eyes of China’s young adults, love is intertwined with social mobility, physical and mental compatibility, as well as family background.“Age, educational level, overseas background, dating experience, and family background are important for Chinese clients looking for love,” says Wang, commenting on critical data points for online dating and matchmaking companies.“The biggest difference between Tantan and Baihe is the goal,” a 24-year-old male Tantan user surnamed Liu told Technode.Sampson Blair, family sociologist at The State University of New York and former visiting professor at East China Normal University, told Tech Node.

This significantly increases the chances of pairing with someone from an entirely different background. Additionally, over 1500 foreigners were granted green cards in 2016, a 160% year-on-year increase.

“People who use Tantan only want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but people who use Baihe want to get married.” In his opinion, people use services like Baihe and Jiayuan because of parental pressure to start a family.

“Maybe I don’t want to get married yet,” he says when asked if he has used the marriage-focused services before.

Baihe also started to help individuals with little time meet a prospective life partner.

The company claims to achieve this by introducing psychology into the field of matchmaking. Founder Wang Lifan noticed the difficulty her single friends had finding partners and decided to start an online matchmaking service.

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Every weekend, the parents of Shanghai’s unmarried population gather to find potential partners for their adult children.