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19 dating 16 illegal

If I were you I would just wait because do you really want another set of parents who run you off? They have the same mentality and the same teenage thoughts.

The only difference, IMO, between a 14 year old old and a 16 year old girl (having been one before! Some are more mature than others, of course, you always have those in the group.

This is the case if: Is it statutory rape if I am 16 and my girlfriend is 19? Statutory rape happens when your boyfriend or girlfriend is at least 18 years old AND is four (4) years older than you.

Therefore, if you are 16 and your girlfriend is 19, you are only 3 years apart and it is not statutory rape.

Again, it's that how the two numbers look together.So I would probably go with social standards and say you should wait it out.Either for sexual activity, or a romantic relationship. im not after sex in anyway i've had enough of it and all the problems (pregnancy scares broken hearts and psycho exes) had enough sex for a while lol and 21 thats not true i know people who are 30 dating 16 year olds (my opinion sick and told it to their faces) im not on about legality i mean opinions on the 2 year age gap that's my assumption i dunno i mean i have a basically little sister who ikd look after and her mum thought something was going on i was like shes 16 NO!!So while it is legal in the UK, just keep in mind you are dealing with someone who still has a lot of growing up to do.Go in with your eyes wide open and a good understanding of this.

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im in my third year of college just turned 18 and i help teach 1st years and a few have taken a shine to me and i actually like one of them even my teacher has seen shes taken a shine to me.

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