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Here are the biggest mistakes when it comes to approaching women: We are ALL afraid. The feeling can be SO intense, that it seems IMPOSSIBLE that anyone else could POSSIBLY have a “case” as bad as you. You can train for ten years and become the fastest runner in the world…

why your brain is of your body when you approach a woman will TRIPLE the chances of her giving you a chance? In this program you’re going to learn literally You’ll learn ways to approach women in EVERY situation… women who are “on the job,” and women who are on the go and wouldn’t stop to talk to ANYBODY. and it’s important that you know how to transition into an interesting conversation smoothly…and learning how to approach women in different situation. Most men don’t realize that their lame attempts to get a woman’s attention are HURTING them.I have also spent YEARS teaching other men how to overcome THEIR fear and shyness… They don’t realize that the things they’re doing are actually giving her a NEGATIVE impression… but it’s working “behind the scenes.” Have you ever been walking along… and you sensed danger out of the corner of your eye… I believe that the REASON why expectations are so powerful has to do with the part of your mind that psychologists refer to as the “unconscious mind.” Some call it the “subconscious mind.” This is the part of your mind that’s “always on”…

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