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A woman who feels awkward and unsexy while walking around in a little underwear is more of a turn off than a turn on for any guy.#6 Role playing costumes If you want to know how to dress for sex and get your man’s imagination running wild, then this is it. Or does he like any comic character or character in a show?A short soft robe that’s loosely draped around your body is one of the sexiest things to wear to bed. You don’t really need to dress up like an anime doll to sexually draw your man into bed.

[Read: How to sound sexy] #2 Soft fabrics One of the things men like most in women is the softness of a woman’s skin.

Remind him of the texture of your skin without really letting his hands get under your shirt.

Wear nightwear that’s made of soft fabrics like satin or silk.

Dress up like his favorite character and call out from bed. And now that you know how to dress for sex, use these tips and add your own accessories that you know your man will love.

Our Iron Man t-shirts celebrate the billionaire philanthropist AND crime-fighting Avenger!

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Men can’t take their eyes off a mannequin wearing lingerie, do you really think he’d be able to resist you?