Adolecent dating sociology

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Adolecent dating sociology

Research suggests that nearly 25 percent of adolescents (ages 12 to 17) have used drugs, with 16 to 18 as the peak age for drinking and drug abuse.

As a result, friends can influence a child's thinking and behavior. Peer pressure can be a positive influence—for example, when it motivates your child to do well in school, or to become involved in sports or other activities.Consider using the following list of topics as an outline: Teens of every generation have their fads.Most teenage fads are harmless and eventually fade away without permanent damage.Following are some tips for addressing drugs, alcohol and tobacco use with your teen: Talking with your teenager is important to help him or her develop healthy attitudes toward sex and to learn responsible sexual behavior.Openly discussing sex with your teen also enables you to provide accurate information. But what they learn might not be true, and might not reflect the personal and moral values and principles you want your children to follow.

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However, when the unhappiness lasts for more than two weeks and the teen experiences other symptoms (see below), then he or she may be suffering from depression.

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