American women dating muslim men hayden moss and kristen bitting dating

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American women dating muslim men

Every Muslim who goes against that is following his whims and desires and is imitating deviant and immoral people. Based on that, relationships that occur between men and women outside the framework of legitimate, documented marriage are haraam (forbidden) relationships which it is not permissible for a Muslim to form with any woman, whether she is Muslim or non-Muslim.

Then we met again on Sunday, went to see a movie, and he kissed me on my lips.And it is not permissible for a chaste woman to marry a man who commits fornication unless he repents sincerely, as we have explained in the answer to question no. As the relationship between you has not gone as far as fornication or adultery as you say, praise be to Allah, then there is no reason why he should not marry you, as we have explained in the answer to question no. Thirdly: With regard to the Muslim man’s family, they may accept their son marrying a Christian woman who has children.If they refuse, that is not because it is something that is forbidden in Islam; rather it may be for cultural reasons, or perhaps because they think that their son is not able to fulfil the rights of that wife and take care of her children.Rather the condition for her being permissible (as a wife for a Muslim man) is that she should be chaste and avoid fornication.This condition also applies to Muslim women; it is not permissible for a chaste Muslim man to marry a woman who commits fornication unless she repents sincerely.

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For more details on this, please see the answer to questions no. The fact that a woman has children from a previous marriage does not affect her marriage to a Muslim.

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