Ancient greece dating rules

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An athletes physical perfection could also be intimidating to his competitors, and external beauty represented each competitors internal beauty and demonstrated their desire for a balance between body and mind.Athletes were often an inspiration to artists and sculptors, who used the athletes physical prowess and movements to inspire their work.

In the horse races, the jockeys were naked and rode bareback.

In 632 was also boxing and wrestling contests for boys introduced.

580 BC, Armour ruinning 580 BC heavily armed men was competing in Armed Race, two laps around the stadium. Ancient Greek athletes were naked when they competed, to display their physical prowess and also to pay homage to Zeus by showing him how they had trained their bodies to their physical peak.

This can be seen in archaeological finds dating from that time.

Because they were not covered by clothing, athletes took great care to protect their skin.

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The games was still in honour of the goods so the first day was for preparatory ceremonies and sacrifices.