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Finding a partner with whom you can be yourself with is probably the most exciting thing that could ever happen to you.

You have a best friend who is in it with you through thick and thin and is always down for an adventure.

In fact, getting called out on your sh*t is more than just something you want -- it's something you need. He or she knows how you feel deep down when you're plastering a fake smile for everyone else to see.

The one who constantly puts you and what's best for you ahead of his or herself? The facade you present to the rest of the world is not something your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to let fly.This is what living is all about, and it's even better when you have someone by your side helping you along the journey. Whoever said getting comfortable in a relationship is a bad thing is a moron. To find someone you can be completely yourself with?Why would your SO start sh*t with you for no reason?There is a vast difference between your partner intimidating you and your partner scaring you.When one person constantly has the upper hand in the relationship, it creates a slippery slope because the more he or she lets you get away with, the worse your behavior will become.

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It's never an easy conversation calling someone out on his or her behavior.