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Best driver updating software cnet

Your computer will run faster if you have the latest drivers installed.

Read below, we list the best 2019 top performing free driver updater for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista Windows OS.

It will find the device drivers for the new OS and save them to a custom location, like a flash drive.

Then, when you have the other Windows operating system installed, you can use the same tool to restore those OS-specific drivers so you don’t have to worry about finding the device drivers again.

Snappy Driver Installer is super easy to use and doesn't even need to be installed.

This means you can use something like an external hard drive to transport and install the downloaded drivers to any other computer.

Here is a list of top 2019 best driver updater software tools to update hardware drivers for Windows.

A driver software can quickly and easily update the latest drivers to your PC and its hardware and extend its life.

I found that Driver Max discovered a significantly higher number of outdated drivers than every other program from this list did.

There's an option in the settings to install drivers in the background, which hides installation wizards and other popup messages.

This is handy so you don't have to click through so many windows when installing new drivers.

Driver update software makes scanning and installing the latest drivers version.

The best driver finders can also backup and restore your drivers, and they can even automatically scan your system’s drivers to keep your computer running optimally and work stress-free.

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I checked the version numbers against the currently installed drivers and they all seemed to be valid updates.

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