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On the day of Zara's birthday, Keshav controls his urge to call Zara and wish her for her birthday at midnight. Keshav complies and rushes to Zara's room to wish her in person. He informs Saurabh who suggests they run away from the scene. They try to reach him out through his mother in Kashmir.As Keshav entered the room, he found that the room is dark and it is utterly silent. Sikander meets them again and tries to explain that he is not the murderer.Keshav often calls Zara begging her to come back to him, but she never agrees. The police arrests the watchman of the hostel, who is missed from the CCTV camera during the time Zara was killed. He finds a locker with gunpowder, pregnancy kits and selfies of Sikander with a gun along with Zara who happens to be smiling in the picture. He first tries to meet Sikander and asks him about his group called TEJ.Saurabh (Keshav's friend) bids Keshav to forget his past love and focus on his future. in the morning, he gets a text from Zara, who asks him why he didn’t wish her this year. Zara goes on and tells him to meet him in her room immediately. He is shocked, scared and sad altogether to see his love, like a corpse on her birthday. Keshav digs deeper, with the help of the police- Inspector Rana. Sikander gets afraid and threatnes them with a gun and runs away.After an initial conversation, Chetan agrees to listen to the story of the fellow passenger.Soon after, the fellow passenger starts narrating his story to the author.Start and End serial numbers are from Nikon Ai conversion lists, service manuals, catalogues and various books.The Earliest and Latest serial numbers are from lenses I have seen.

What seems like an ordinary unsuccessful love story, turns into something different altogether when one day, on the eve of her birthday, Zara messages Keshav out of the blue.Just before Keshav announces the killer, he goes on a little trip to Hyderabad.This is when he realizes that he was suspecting the wrong person all along.Keshav is a former IIT student who currently works as a teacher in JEE tuition center.He hates his job and reaches out through Linked In, but fails to find a proper job. His mother is a homemaker and his father is a part of the RSS, which is a political party in India. Zara is from a Kashmiri Muslim family and their love story ends due to their families, who fight over religious issues. Saxena was withdrawn as a suspect in Zara's murder case after finding out the truth.

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