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Credit and debt counseling consolidating

Unfortunately, if the amount you did not pay is over 0, the creditor must report the amount to the IRS or the creditor may sell the remaining portion to another collection agency.

Amounts reported to the IRS may increase your tax liability and amounts sold to another collection agency may do further damage to your credit report.

At MMI we believe strongly in providing empathetic expertise. So no matter what challenge you're facing, you will always receive the same care and attention. We offer advice and educational materials to help you build a positive credit history.

Following this advice may result in a significant improvement in your credit score over time.Plus, we’ll contact your creditors and try to lower your monthly payments, your interest rates, and other fees to help you pay off your debt faster.With a debt management program from ACCC, you’ll gain the financial discipline and receive the support you need to pay off your debt quickly – usually in 60 months or less.It is easy to set up and personalized to your situation. See what to expect I talked to several credit management companies who made me feel like a statistic, not a human being.Take Charge America, an NFCC member, was interested in ME!

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