Cyber dating net cgi detail location

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There are 12 details in the format of your Iqama such as your name in Arabic, name in English, Iqama number, serial number, place of issue, date of issue, date of birth, iqama profession, nationality, religion and the name of the employer.

It is very important for each and every Iqama holder to know and understand these details, especially the iqama number and name should be learned by heart.

However, you can check if your work permit is issued through your passport number.

Your nationality determines the attitude of government officials towards you.

The treatment of a western expatriate is different from a South Asian expatriate.

You can take help from an Arabic speaking guy in this regard.

Recommended: Procedure to change Name on Iqama and Driving License The third line on your Iqama is your Iqama number or ID written in Arabic digits just below the name written in Arabic.

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