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Why stay on the surface when we can get deep and real with each other?

We all know how cruel the internet can be, and unfortunately this often extends as far as dating apps like Tinder.

Find Attractive Women Who are Searching for Something Real!

Our Community is Filled with Many Single Ladies Who Want More Out of Life and Want to Start Fresh.

I’m going to try to get through most of them over the next few months.

If you have something you want to learn more about, you can just reply to this email and let me know.

They Want to Turn Their Lonely Nights into Something Fun!

What I have seen with myself and the many of women I’ve worked with in Live More Weigh Less is that when we are taking care of the human/soul part of us, which will allow us to feel unconditional love in our relationship, it is so much easier to take care of our bodies and move towards feeling physically strong and energized, but then that’s just icing on the cake!

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Last week I asked you if you had any questions for me or topics you wanted me to talk about, and I received so many beautiful requests, thank you!