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Dating a rapper

And Similarly, he opened up the relationship with Nikki Leigh in 2014 and also his love life with Nikki was floated in the air.

Though she faces many obstacles in his relationship, he has never lacked girls in his life.

Given the music history Compton has, Ricch was able to draw a lot of inspiration from some of the world’s renowned rappers originating from there.

Well, the pair has managed to keep their personal life a secret, so until an official statement from either side surfaces, we can only speculate without any hard conclusion.

For actors, love is what makes their career more beneficial. Azealia Banks at the Nylon Midnight Garden Party in April 2015.

The pair looked adorable while holding hands and hugging, but refused to take any photos together.

Jesse was also nominated for Best Young Leading Actor in a Feature Film.

Rodrick Moore, professionally known as Roddy Ricch is an American Rapper, songwriter, producer, and singer hailing from Compton, California.

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Reportedly, he had written the song the night rapper XXXTENTACON died and has meant to address the loss.