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you just have to go to the closest canadian consulate and get a form saying you have never been married, or have proof of your out for scammers! Canadian citizens who wish to marry in China are required by the Chinese authorities to obtain and sign a declaration in front of a consular officer.marrying a foreigner is no longer regarded as marrying down in the way it perhaps once was here," he added.Sandra Made, from Cameroon, and Zou Qianshun married in 2017 after returning to his village near Dandong in north east China.Once married, she is granted permanent resident status. “The problem knows no colour, no language.” “The only people getting hurt are Canadians — in their hearts and their wallets,” he said.Once in Canada, all she needs to do to begin her new life is abandon him. Hundreds of fraudulent marriages take place every year."Chinese have become more accepting to intermarriage," he added. At the start Qianshun's parents were not accepting. But their will prevailed, and now they form a family with one child.For many African's in China, the weather has also represented a challenge, as winters are harsh with the temperature dropping to minus 20C in some parts.

"Nowadays there are more and more international marriages in China, even some of [my] friends also married foreigners," Qianshun explains. That's why at the beginning, both my husband and I said NO to this marriage," Zhao Fu Qing, Qianshun's mum, explained.

The only documents we need to see are a Canadian passport, and in cases involving a previous marriage, a divorce decree or death certificate of previous spouse. Canadian citizens wishing to marry in China should note that Marriage Registration Offices have their own procedures and documentary requirements and that these requirements may vary between offices. Canadian citizens in Canada are recommended to contact the Embassy of China in Canada for information on marriage with a Chinese citizen before coming to China.

Canadian citizens wishing to marry in China should contact the relevant Marriage Registration Office in advance for details. For any enquiries, please contact a Canadian consular office in China.

"Forty years ago it was all but impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in China, let alone marry a Chinese," Al Jazeera's Adrian Brown reported.

"But today, marriages like this are no longer exceptional...

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You will have to write a heartfelt appreciation letter of her and she the same of you to determine that it is not a marraige of convenience.

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