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Dating delftware

Among the foremost patrons of the early London and Lambeth delftware potters were the apothecaries who required great numbers of special vessels to contain the various powders, pills, ointments, confections, and syrups in use up until relatively modern times.

Some spouted drug jars contained Syrup of Chicory with Rhubarb.

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He also made pottery on his own, and my favorite piece of his is a beautiful Delft-style style vase. Terms of testimonials from the speed dating, at the process of technology. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. Obviously, the original name of a German company was in German.

According to the most recent studies, tin-enameled wares were first made in England by two Antwerp potters, Jaspar Andries and Jacob Janson, about the year 1567.

The exact site of their pottery in London is unknown, and it was not until about 1665, almost a century later, that the industry was carried to the Lambeth section of the city.

Delft Blue is the world-famous earthenware that has been produced in the city of Delft since the 17th century.

Between 16, this earthenware was popular among rich families who would show off their Delft Blue collections to one another.

Among this group is a rare pair of fluted rosewater dishes, dated 1649, and a little "White wine" bottle bearing the same date.Although the Delftware potters preferred to call their earthenware “porcelain”, it was only a cheaper version of the real Chinese porcelain.Delft Blue was not made from the typical porcelain clay, but from clay that was coated with a tin glaze after it was fired.Large bulbous mugs are decorated with contemporary scenes of a gentleman addressing a seated lady, flanked by oriental birds perched on flowering branches above.In most cases, the border is made up of a band of Chinese ]u-i heads.

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For example, a large, impressive, footed vase with lion and mask handles shows his characteristic tall slender trees in the foreground, and figures in contemporary dress drawn with a quick, sure brush.