Dating diasters of sirius black

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Dating diasters of sirius black

And those connections might be part of a larger story unfolding before our eyes...Read parts one and two of the Serious Mysteries series for strange semiotic fingerprints linking back to the ancient Nommo, the amphibious mermen who were known by the ancient Babylonians and the modern Dogon people of Africa., created by the late Michael Crichton, who himself is a pretty good candidate for being a product of some alien super-human experimentation program, given his 6'9" height, 560 IQ (give or take), Harvard Medical degree as well as his ten million bestselling books, scientific papers, Hollywood blockbusters, computer games, awards, and on and on and on.In the long run it may not even be the most revealing.As we'll see in this installment, Cameron's involvement with the remake of the legendary Russian sci-fi film Solaris is rife with strange connections, both real and symbolic.The Julian Calendar System and the Gregorian Calendar System (our current and main calendar system used in the "West") are separated by about 13 days.In synch with the SHE WOLF / Shakira articles from last year, and the 2010 Vancouver games, my fellow Winnipeger, WERMES @ The Synch Hole notes that February 13 - February 15 is the ancient roman festival of Lupercalia If you'll be in "The V", or around, during the 2010 Winter Olympics here's a list of some notable concerts and performers around the Vancouver and Whistler areas.Experts say professional astronomers will be able to see it shining with a brightness of a 14th-magnitude star similar to that of Pluto in the constellations of Orion, Taurus, and Pisces. Today, Wednesday, January 13, 2010, Wotan's Day thereby also Zeus's Day, will witness the near pass of NEO 2010 AL30 exactly 30 days before the start of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games - a games historically held in honor of Zeus and the 12 Olympian gods.

Solaris initially looks more like a blue sun in the film than a water planet, begging Sirius comparisons.

But it appears that's the case with us as well, so what all of this might mean is extremely puzzling.

The funny thing is that I thought this was just more -type technobabble. But it certainly made me pay attention when I started hearing talk about the Higgs boson and the CERN Large Hadron Collider, which came back online just a short time before the premiere of . We're looking a film shepherded by James Cameron ripe with Stargate/Sirius resonators, starring George Clooney with his military/intelligence-heavy filmography and Natascha Mc Elhone, Our Lady of , a sex comedy which was just inexplicably invaded by the Sirens/Nommo/Sirians, at least symbolically.

And as reader Astronut notes, the whole scenario of the hibernating Nommo is startingly similar to Lovecraft's fevered mythologies of sleeping, amphibious space gods, and Clooney started his long symbolic association with water/ocean memes smack dab in the middle of Lovecraft country..

Cameron's rumored to be looking at a film on the bombing of Hiroshima for his next project. It all ties together so neatly...well, in dream logic fashion, that is. UPDATE: James Ratte reviews the new Clooney film here.

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Then we started seeing Clooney play the kinds of roles we normally associate with him- military, intelligence and military intelligence.