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In my opinion, those skills alone make consulting a great career investment.The problem is that consulting isn’t a great long-term career destination.The consulting world is driven by the demand from clients, not by the expertise of consulting personnel.Also, while the idea of getting a variety of projects may seem appealing at first, the scenario can quickly wear out its welcome.If the pre-emptive sales pitch wasn’t a giveaway, let me put it very simply: your work life balance will likely suck.You’ll work longer hours and endure more stressful deadlines than your industry peers.

My most lavish dinner was provided by the hotel vending machine.

Another thing to note is that just becoming a consultant doesn’t automatically give you first class service on airlines and hotels. You’ll spend numerous hours dealing with delayed flights, lost luggage, and loud, family travelers before United finally gives you a free cheese plate during your flight.

(The perks aren’t what they used to be) And after you start counting all those hours spent in airports, cabs, and hotels, you’ll realize that they would’ve been better spent at home.

(Please note that my comments apply primarily to the larger management and strategy consulting firms, made up of the Big Three (Mc Kinsey, Bain, BCG), the current Big Four (PWC, E&Y, KPMG, Deloitte), and the various spinoffs from the original Big Five (Accenture, IBM, Bearing Point, Cap Gemini).

A lot of smaller boutiques have actually built their consulting firms around directly addressing the points below) In nearly all recruiting presentations by consulting firms, there will be a lengthy section about work life balance.

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But as you get older, the sacrifice you make undoubtedly becomes greater.