Dating in north devon

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Dating in north devon

Wear a wetsuit or clothes you don't mind getting wet.It doesn't matter if the sun shines, or if we have rain, you will be ready for it! For those who need it, you can use my place as somewhere to get changed. On our return, we can 'chill' for as long as we want.This time, after significant enthusiasm and discussion around the idea, we will add fancy dress... We can either just 'put the world to rights' at my place, or we can head out to one of the great local pubs for some food or a drink. Please note: There will be no lifeguards on duty for the majority of the walk, so please come along at your own risk...

As a kid, nearly every one of us loved splashing in puddles… Even if you were wearing your best clothes, if you saw a puddle, you wanted to jump into it, and the deeper the better...

We will aim to meet at the long stay car park by the haunted house near the coast path at 2pm, We'll have a wander down the coast path a little way to the pebble beach. The sad thing is that when we were young, most of us were taught 'you will never make a living doing 'that'. ' We then spend our lives just surviving rather than truly thriving!

With sundown at , I'd like to get back to the main beach around . Our friends and family often support this because they don't want us to 'take a risk' and try something that might change our lives!

Risks can range from dietary needs, to slips, trips and falls, and worse.

If you are still unsure, then sadly, we would advise you to stay at home.

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