Dating islamic single

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Dating islamic single

“They actually want to get to know the person for a certain amount of time, but also within the boundaries.” If a young Muslim is aiming for this kind of compromise, there are other resources too.Ezzeldine, who wrote a short book called “Before the Wedding: Questions for Muslims to Ask Before Getting Married,” tries to offer her coreligionists a way of getting to know each other without violating the standards of the faith.

It is a popular online dating sites that is suitable for men looking for Muslim women for serious long-term relationship and marriage.She says women should be able to make their own decisions in this regard, that they should be guided by the principles of ijtihad, which allows Muslims to interpret religious texts according to their own judgments.This view has been presented most forcefully by Imam Khaleel Mohammed, a professor of religion at San Diego State University.Even religious leaders who are sympathetic to this argument and are willing to support a less literal interpretation of the Quran may not find themselves in agreement with Imam Mohammed or Ahmed. Rather, they may see the strong religious influence that mothers have over their children in America as a reason to prohibit interfaith marriage across the board.

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Salaam is dedicated to helping single Muslimah men and women find compatible partners for Islamic dating and marriage.

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