Dating manizales colombia

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And expats living in Manizales tend to prefer Manizales.But some of these expats living in one of these two places have never traveled to the other.

And in Manizales, the daily average low temperature ranges from 53.2 to 55.0 °F (11.8 to 12.8 °C).

For the entire year it rains on average 69.0 inches in Medellín and 63.4 inches in Manizales.

Medellín experiences some rain 227 days per year on average and Manizales experiences some rain 229 days per year on average. The bottom line is that Medellín has a warmer climate and air-conditioning and heating isn’t required.

And the low daily average ranges from 61.7 to 63.3 ° F (16.5 to 17.4 °C).

In Manizales, the temperature during the entire year averages a cooler 62.6 ° F (17.0 °C).

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Note, the following 16 categories in this Medellín vs Manizales comparison are in no particular order.