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Dating postponement

Seasonal employees provide another example of when deferment could be used tactically to avoid auto-enrolling them.

If you employ seasonal workers then you may wish to use postponement to give additional flexibility by delaying assessing staff for up to three months if some will then fall out of the pensions automatic enrolment regulations. An employer must still get everything in pace for their Staging Date and if postponement is being used they must write to tell the staff who will be postponed within six weeks of the Staging Date.

The assessment of employees can be delayed for a maximum of three months, within which time you can select a date to assess an employee; known as a deferral date.

Postponement is the only time that this new legislation allows the employer some control, via a transitional delay, over the enrolment date and process.

It is advised that you do postpone for at least 1 month.

The reason the software does not take care of this pro rata calculation is because different employers have different formats for calculating this value.All requests for excuse will be reviewed on an individual basis.Please be specific in your written request and provide ALL the pertinent information we need to make an informed decision about your particular situation.NOTE: If the juror is under 75 years old, he/she must request a Physician's excuse.Postponement (also known as a “waiting period”) is a legitimate method by which employers can delay having to assess and automatically enrol employees.

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Please refer to your summons for detailed instructions.