Dating tajikistan

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Dating tajikistan

First, they negotiated with parents of the groom and the bride and then the courtship was arranged.After the courtship (in 10 days or a month) the courtship ritual was repeated: the young man was told who his bride was.The groom entered the house over the spread fabric and stopped in front of the curtain behind which the bride was waiting.When the groom left, the bride wearing a yashmak was led from behind the curtain to the door to say good bye to her father.There the bride was dressed and combed with prayers and other women danced in front of the curtain.The witnesses then went to the women's part of the house to obtain the bride's consent to be reported to the mullah.Soon after that the bride's parents invited their relatives, neighbors, old men, and heads of clans to their home.

On the following day in the house of the groom they agreed upon final kalym with the father of the bride. After refreshments and the pray for happiness, young girls were ordered to sift flour and knead dough for wedding flatbreads; the elders examined the wedding gifts for the groom.

After the farewell ceremony the bride was taken to the house of the groom.

As the wedding procession moved on the fires were burning near the groom's house lighting the road.

One of the old women while praying had to cut a shirt (from fabric sent by the groom) for the bride which had to be sawn by younger women right afterwards.

In few day' time, usually on Thursday, another ritual "latta buron" took place; when women in the bride's house cut clothes from the fabric presented by the groom's mother.

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The ritual went like this: On the eve of the appointed kalym day the father of the bride had to come to the house of the groom for "takhta pas kunon" («lowering of dough board").

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