Dating violence in schools Women chat room on skype

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Dating violence in schools

Survey results also showed that teens who experience or witness aggression in their family life and among peers hold less negative attitudes about dating violence, so finding opportunities for reducing aggression in teens’ daily lives may be helpful.

In schools, a focus on reducing school and peer aggression and violence might bolster prevention efforts aimed at dating violence.

The study found that the intervention created a long-term improvement in students’ knowledge of dating violence, reduced tolerance for aggressive or violent behavior, and improved teens’ perceptions about getting help if they experienced dating violence.

The study also found that Latino teens are most likely to turn to peers for help, and consequently, peer counselors are a promising source for assistance.

Break the Cycle is already working with teens to develop such programs. In-press corrected proof online (as of June 30, 2006).

The study evaluated “Ending Violence,” a three-class-session prevention program.

Developed by a Los Angeles-based nonprofit group called Break the Cycle, the program focuses on the law, highlighting legal rights of victims of domestic violence and legal responsibilities of perpetrators. This program has three distinctive features: it is brief (three class sessions), it is compatible with existing health curricula, and it focuses on the legal dimension of dating violence. The program also informs students about its legal services program, in which attorneys are available to teens at no cost to help them with dating violence issues.

Furthermore, most teens reported that they do not confide in or trust the adults in their social network.

Teens also expressed reluctance to intervene in dating violence situations and did not perceive that their help would be effective.

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