Dating whoopi goldberg

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Dating whoopi goldberg

People say that it is not that easy to spend whole life alone but looking at Whoopi it feels like living a single life is not that difficult when u enjoy your own company.Well, several times, people are found questioning about Whoopi’s sexuality.Though she was married thrice and also has a daughter from her three marriage, people question her sexuality.Sometimes she even says that she is a heterosexual as she is a comedian.However, in the year 1993, she met Lyle Trachtenberg and started dating as well.

Moreover, she has black eyes with natural black hair.

Her father was a clergyman whereas her mother was a nurse. Well, looking at the popularity of this amazing actress, we are sure that her net worth is in several million.

As Whoopi’s father disbanded her family when she was young, she was raised alone by her mother. located in Irving, Texas and completed her graduation.

After her second failed marriage, Whoopi took a long break.

She thought that marriage and all these stuff are not really for her.

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Though she had a fever of acting, she never got a good platform.

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