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Effective range carbon dating

Could there be other influences that would affect the rate of decay of carbon 14?If it has generally been established as a constant, at what point does the "constant" break down?Doubting simply so you can wag your finger and say "Nuh uh" isn't having an open mind -- it's simply being contrary.Originally posted by spoof: No, I'll take scientific observations any day of the week, it's just that so much of science must, as a discipline, base their observations on the painstaking recording of observable physical data.Even if there was some sort of Watcher race that stood in front of me and said that he was alive 10 billion years ago and bore witness to the birth of my planet, I would still insist on evidence.As a scientist, word of mouth means absolute nothing to me.How far can you go back in time, and assume an accurate sample with carbon dating?

We can get reasonable accuracy to 50,000 years, better accuracy more recently.To do that we need records of how much was being made from nitrogen.To do that we need samples of atmospheric gas, from ice cores or solar activity from tree rings, etc.The next step, using the scientific method, would be to come up with an experiment that would elicit a recordable change.In this specific case, try to manipulate the environment around a radioactive element to effect a change in the half-life constant.

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The constant, that is the Strong Nuclear Force, is absolute.