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He writes, ‘Among primitive societies, the Pleiades are often the only celestial group paid any attention.

In Bali, the Pleiades and Orion’s Belt are the only stars people use to correct their lunar calendar.

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ESICM’s annual congress, LIVES, has become one of the largest and most prestigious gatherings of intensive care professionals worldwide.

The Ar dating from the glaucophane yields 275 - 287Ma, which comprehends the metamorphism being related to subduction of the Paleotethyan ocean.

They curse the Pleiades if their appearance in the sky is not immediately followed by a rainy period.’ Aveni’s view is simplistic.

Though no two cultures share constellations identical in every detail, nevertheless there are deep and basic similarities that have attracted the attention of secular researchers who give no credence to Genesis 1–11.

It would then be but a simple step to attribute the cause of certain terrestrial occurrences to these stars.

Indeed, many of the aboriginal people of Australia regard the Pleiades not merely as a signal but instead as the cause of rain—an astrological rather than an astronomical function.

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Emphasizing the differences cannot erase the similarities, and these similarities are too wide-ranging to be due to coincidence alone.

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