Facebook contact pictures not updating

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Facebook contact pictures not updating

Some users are able to access the upload screen but once the “upload” button is clicked, very little happens.There is a long lag and once the site catches up, the photos simply aren’t displayed.This is more important if you're using on a Mac too. In my experience, Facebook will literally give each of your friends their own contact card, separate from any pre-existing contacts.You can link two separate contact cards after the fact, but in the beginning, I think any of your Google contacts who's also a Facebook friend will find themselves with two entries in Contacts, one Google and one Facebook.Some users have noticed that some of the photos will show up but then disappear.It is presumed that photos will be back to normal once Facebook is able to rectify the issues.Over the past couple of weeks, Facebook has had intermittent issues having to do with various aspects of the platform.

According to Down Detector, more than 5,000 users from all over the globe have reported having issues with Facebook, specifically when it comes to uploading and viewing pictures.When you view a contact card, it "shows" you the merged info on that contact.So if one of your contacts didn't have a picture, but the Facebook contact card a picture, it will show the picture.Facebook users in Europe and in the United States seem to be experiencing the most outages, according to the outage map on Down Detector’s website.“Can’t even see my own pictures on Facebook,” wrote one Facebook user from Washington State.“I can see it affects only some people’s pages.All images are gone from one page, and none from another,” wrote another.“No images visible in SW Germany, almost all the photos from my cats´ page update from earlier invisible either, plus almost all 35 screenshots from [Pinterest] that I posted on my main timeline earlier either!!! Users have been quick to check if Facebook photos and albums would load via mobile but the issue seems to be affecting both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.

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Hi Suzy D, Usually it takes up to 7 days for the profile pic in your game to refresh.

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