Internet dating stories hell

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Internet dating stories hell

I loved joining in her ride across Ma An amazing story of a young women's search to find herself, find the life she is looking for and find that special person to share it with.I loved joining in her ride across Manhattan's dating world.The fact that the protagonist is not going to win the "date of the year" award wouldn't be a problem if the writing wasn't completely insipid.I was expecting a biting, incisive, and hilarious tear-down of dates and the Internet dating scene. A book that revolves around ridiculing other human beings has to be pretty darn witty, otherwise, it just leaves you squirming with discomfort and wishing you were somewhere else. To cap it off, she ends it with a guide to online dating. And I'm going to skip over the borderline misogyny in the advice to men section.Then again, I probably missed out on a lot of funny life experiences.Thankfully Trisha dove into internet dating and wrote about it, saving my introverted soul from irreparable harm."Internet Dates from Hell" provides the ins and outs of Internet dating from one woman's experiences, ranging from funny to scary to downright shocking.

Right." Along the path, Trisha Ventker endures hundreds of first dates.

Spoiler alert: she finds her man, has a baby, settles down in the suburbs, lives happily-ish after after. I'm so glad Trisha had dating these experiences and not me (yikes!

), and that she saw fit to share these experiences with us.

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