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Isfj dating esfj

Especially in their free time, ISFJs know how to be leisurely, something the ESFJ can have a harder time with.

In sharing the identical set of psychological functions, ISFJs resemble ESFJs.

Each personality type prefers to use four of the eight functions first described by Jung.

These two types also differ with respect to inferior function issues, with ISFJs wrestling with Ne and ESFJs with Ti.

They are more apt to pursue “Conventional” than Realistic careers.

While both ISFJs and ISFPs may take up “Social” sorts of work, ISFJs gravitate toward more abstract occupations, such as teaching, whereas ISFPs, prefer more hands-on careers, such as nursing.

Drenth In contrast to the INFJ, the ISFJ is among the more commonly encountered personality types, thought to comprise upwards of 8% of the general population.

The more often they do something in a particular way (e.g., eat a certain type of meal for lunch), the harder it is for them to break out of that pattern.

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This is why David Keirsey has dubbed them “guardians.” Like other SJ types, they grow attached to the routine, familiar, and expected.

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