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Laura white x factor dating

Earlier that day, Laura told Big Brother that she's unsure whether she wants to do anything with him - mentioning the fact that he's taken in the outside world."I fancy him a little bit more today, but he's got a fiancée, so I won't be going there," she said.

Tell me all the succesful white people that came out of the x factor and didnt just dwindle away into the background...?? Hope X-Factor gets slated tommorow for racism because they are! (im black) forget this season,it aint gne make it only Simon knows! Leona did well because she has an incredible voice, not because she's black. im sick of whites getting accused of racism at absolutely every opportunity. you are trying to feed racism and keep it alive, moan moan moan. Cry and forget the words and sail through to the Live performances :/ Dont know what the **** cheryl was listening to ..

ALEXANDRA Burke has been riding high thanks to her stint on Strictly Come Dancing last year where she nearly took home the glitterball.

But while she missed out on Strictly glory, shortly after she announced her engagement to her long-term love Josh Ginnelly...

"I think we have got a lot of sexual chemistry, me and Marco." But she later asked Marco to massage her, telling him: "You remind me of the ex that I got with after I was supposed to get married.

"We had the most passionate relationship, and we were together all of the time... Every single day was so passionate and so extreme." The previous day, Marco received a warning from Big Brother over uninvited physical contact with Laura.

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“But a young singer’s instrument is not yet even a fair facsimile of the voice they will late access as an adult. The young voice simply has not physiologically matured to the point that it is capable of projecting a healthy, balanced sound over an orchestra.