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Livechat free

While the price is a little higher than other live chat clients, this one is worth the price because of the use by multiple agents on a single license. Many other live chat options do not include apps, especially not ones that work across both Android, Apple, Mac, and PC.This sold us on the program, and we will continue to use it until it is no longer supported. It's handy in case you are not in front of a computer or have to go from a Mac to a PC, then you have access on both.We have compared, and this one feature makes our take rate (customer engages in a chat) much higher, due to it being a personal invitation by one of our reps.

Pros: What I like most about Live Chat is it's reliability. It was solid application whether online or on my desktop and it handled chat conversations reliable while offering all the features I was looking for in a manned chat application.I can easily use it on my desktop computer, my notebook, my tablet, or my phone. Cons: If there was anything to dislike about Live Chat, it would be that it is resource-intensive on my i Mac. I have to use a lot of memory-hog applications every day, so a lot of times I will enable Live Chat just on my mobile device or my notebook while I'm working at my desk.That way I can still respond to chats without slowing down my main machine.If you have a lot of visitors it is impossible to click on each of them in a timely manner and know whether to engage in a conversation. It has taken a long while to have auto invites work properly on all mobile platforms (i Pad, i Phone, tablets, etc).It still isn't possible on all, but on most devices now, customers will get a pop up if you send an invitation to chat. at 1 minute into the visit, an auto greeting is sent if declined, at 4 minutes, a second one is sent). When you send a personal invite, it classifies it as a CHAT, even if the customer doesn't chat with you.

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