Portuguese dating customs

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Portuguese dating customs

It falls to his lot to provide liqueurs and wine for the wedding supper, four candles for the wedding mass, four gondolas to convey the guests to the inn for supper, and satisfy the demands of beggars and children, who cry "Evviva la sposa," at the church door. In Italy the dread of a wedding in May seems to be universal, and in Venice people marrying are very much restricted with regard to suitable days.

When all is said, Sunday is the only time when the nuptial knot can be tied with any prospect of future happiness for the bridal pair.

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THE good old custom of "keeping company," as distinct from being formally engaged, obtains among the gondoliers' families at Venice.

A friend of the present writer met a cart drawn by white oxen, decked with gorgeous head-fringes, on the road between Scirollo and Loreto.The Tuscan bride wears a black dress, with a white bonnet or cap, while even in the coldest weather she carries a fan.No bridesmaids, but only married women accompany her to church, as no unmarried girl is allowed to witness a wedding.When poetically inclined he also composes verses in her praise.In due time the house-father (capoccio), who rules the bridegroom's family, demands the girl's hand for his kinsman, and a feast celebrates the conclusion of the business.

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