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Property data updating content

OData supports two formats for representing resources, the XML-based Atom format and the JSON format.As described in the HTTP specification [RFC2616], clients can indicate their preference of resource representation by including an For the Atom format there is more than one MIME type involved.The OData protocol exposes a uniform service interface to operate on collections of structured and unstructured data.

Similarly, while this specification uses specific status codes for specific outcomes for a request, clients should be prepared to handle all HTTP status codes and interpret them appropriately.This document describes the operation model for the protocol, specifying the interactions between clients and servers for retrieving and manipulating data in an OData service.It builds on the [OData-Core] document for core concepts, [OData-URI] for URI conventions and on the formats specifications for Atom [OData-Atom] and JSON [OData-JSON] for the description of data representations.Details of OData versioning are covered in [OData-Core].All the examples in this document assume clients and servers that use version 2.0 of the protocol.

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The OData service interface has a fixed number of operations that have uniform meaning across all the resources it can act on.

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