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I don't necessarily tell the theme, but I try to interweave it throughout the semester.That same semester I was using wikis for the first time so the first day of class I took everyone's picture and then created a Who's Who in Psychology page with each class have an individual page for each student.I posted their first name and picture and then they could create from there.Introduce themselves to the class, if you will, and they continued to add to those pages throughout the semester.Creating an "average" face - Interesting site lets you create an average face from images provided.The site also explains how these average faces are created. " Even more fun with faces - Robin Musselman used the "Human Race Machine" as part of a class to, well, I'll let Robin tell it: "I try to think of an overarching theme each semester.In this particular semester it was the fall after the first face transplant and somewhere I had read something that this was a procedure that could have been done previously, but hadn't because of the significance of the face to individual's psyche.

Of course, none of your students may be on Facebook...Even medium size correlations of r = .5 tend to look pretty vague in small-N scatterplots, but the patterns jump right out whenever I do this (with or without the actual statstistical calculation)." He adds: "The article mentioned might go nicely with a recent finding reported in the Journal of Family Psychology (I believe) showing that heterosexual relationships in which the man is slightly less attractive than the woman exhibit better interpersonal relationships.The interpretation - or at last one of them - is that one of the things that less attractive men offer to attract more attractive woman with a broader range of choices is greater attentiveness, willingness to listen, etc.Evolutionary Factors - Seinfeld Episode: Evolutionary factors in mate selection can be seen in the episode in which they try to fix up George with a date.He asks questions about his potential date's physical attributes and she asks questions about George's status, power and resources. Physical attractiveness - Physical attractiveness plays a big role in how we think of and respond to people.

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This form of social isolation, Hikikomori, in which, typically, young boys and men lock themselves in their rooms for years in some cases, appears to be fairly unique to Japan. The site creators have graciously compiled some of those resources and assignments at the link above.

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