Rockstar social club 100 not updating

Posted by / 10-Nov-2019 01:45

Rockstar social club 100 not updating

Beatboxrs, our new partner in streaming, had a very interesting tale to tell regarding his Rockstar Social Club account.

Also, it might not be a bad idea to start using a password manager to manage those passwords.

Someone saw him, didn’t like him, and could obviously see his account name and just used some popular tools to gain access in any number of ways.

So if you’re a streamer, be sure to practice good password habits and just be aware that some people may not agree with your play style and might try to do something about it to ruin your day. The targeted DDo Sing of streamers and the servers they play on is a surprisingly common occurrence, so it’s a natural progression to move on to other types of nefariousness.

Logging in was difficult, however, due to a change in password he didn’t authorize.

It turns that the email associated wasn’t his, though the awesome Rockstar support was able to assist him nonetheless.

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It's caused by Windows usernames with unconventional characters.

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