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Time to make some cuts now, but also look ahead to how these cuts can help you to make some room for new beginnings as well.

Also note that it’s officially Spring on this day as well, so it’s Spring fever time. Here we have lover Venus working with the romantic Pisces. Pisces is slower energy so don’t expect much to happen out of the blue.

That could mean anything from breakups to minor things like ending an ongoing fight you’ve been having with someone. And if there are toxic people in your life, they are preventing you from meeting your true soul mate.We’re going to specifically look at what love planets Venus and Mars are doing, how some of the Full Moons will impact your soul mate quest, and yes, those retrogrades that bounce you some karmic boomerangs that are full of nothing but love, sweet love. Note for Our Southern Hemisphere Friends: If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the names of the seasons will be opposite.Our Summer will be your Winter, and our Spring will be your Fall. When we have transits you will have them one day ahead.We have the Sun entering Aries this day but Aries is not as soul mate oriented as Libra is, so this Full Moon transit is going to be your biggest focus when it comes to soul mate love.That’s because Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, which rules the seventh house which is your house of true love.

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