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Boys and dirt are a natural combination – they wouldn’t call it hardship.

When we spend time together, I try to instil values that were instilled in me about the value of money and hard work.

Everyone had to muck in and we did everything as a family.

If there were vegetables to be dug, you weren’t allowed to lie in bed.

We had goats and were supposed to drink the milk but I didn’t like it, so my parents made cheese.

I didn’t like that either, so they froze it and we had chest freezers full of goat’s cheese no one ate.

I suddenly got three stepbrothers and a stepsister. They were older than me and had left home so they were more like cousins. I started my property business in my early twenties with my brother and my boyfriend, who is now my husband.

I wanted six children but my husband says I’ll need to have the other two with someone else.There aren’t many shows where I’ve just had a baby. You don’t want it spilling into evenings and weekends but life is a big juggling act anyway.You need to make sure the time you spend together is quality time. It was a passion project and now people hire it for weddings.I have fond memories of my mother hanging out washing all the time when I was a child but washing isn’t a major part of my day.My children think mothers don’t do laundry but I do it after they’ve gone to bed.

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We caught up with her to find out what makes her tick…