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I'm new to SCCM, and have been creating Device Collections based on our Computer Names.

I have the following query in the device membership rules - created automatically by going to the Criteria Tab and filling in the Critereon Properties window.

You can speed up the deployment in one of two ways.But with active directory system discovery takes quite a bit of time before the computer shows up in the collection.My question is; how frequent should active directory system discovery run and is there an easier way to deploy a software package out to one computer without having to create a separate collection for the computer record?(2) Continue to base on AD groups, but again you a script to pre-populate the AD group in the SCCM resource.That way, if a computer is just added to an AD group, it will still get the software, but not until AD system group discovery and the the client's machine policy referesh, wheras if you 'pre-stage' the AD group in the record (at the same time as adding the machine to the AD group), then you will only be awaiting on the clients machine policy referesh (or when the client is restarted) "You will never get 'immediate' deployment, as the client will only poll for policy once an hour by default (this can be changed, but I wouldn't recommend it), or when the client starts up." You can speed up the deployment process by simply refreshing the machine policy via the SCCM Console or via Control Panel Configuration Manager on the client side under "Actions".

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Once you do this, you'll be able go to your "All Systems" collection, right-click on the computer you want to deploy software to and click the "Distribute" "Distribute Software" on the right-click menu or something along those lines.

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