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Regarding the day in question, he explained: "I felt I needed the interactive engagement of chat talk to divert my attention from my thoughts of Vietnam and death." The court papers, filed in White Plains, New York, add: "I was tempting myself to perhaps become involved in some titillating conversation." Diederich said Pacenza "never visited pornographic sites at work, violated no written IBM rule, and did not surf the internet any more or any differently than other employees".

He suggested age discrimination contributed to IBM's actions, since Pacenza had been 55 at the time of his sacking, and "could have retired in a year".

Addictive behaviour allows us to even briefly escape who we are, and all the thoughts and feelings we don’t like.

It is true, however, that the trauma driving sexual addiction is often sexual abuse as a child.

But note that the very fact you are questioning if you are in control likely means there is an issue worth looking at.

Learning the myths vs reality of sex addiction can be helpful. Yes, if we drink often we might be Of course an addict often spends a lot of time convincing him or herself there is no problem and they are in control.

This can leave you with problematic thoughts, feelings, and boundaries around sex.

Perhaps, for example, you constantly self-pleasure and fantasise, or have ongoing sexual chats with strangers over the internet behind your partners back.

They have many intense relationships one after another (this can overlap with love addiction or romance addiction).

A sexual predator seeks power over another person, and the rush or ‘high’ is about degrading or hurting the other person.

In therapy, a sex addict might discover they are very out of touch with themselves and their desire.

They have to go back to square one with discovering what they truly like and don’t like when it comes to sex.

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