Speed dating movie rotten tomatoes

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Red insists on fighting alone and Silver decides to follow him.

They manage to get them down after inflating Zoe into the air but then misplace them again.Silver and Red put themselves in an ice ball and roll on a rail towards Zeta's superweapon, but the plan comes apart and it misses the target, and the whole team are confronted by Zeta and her guards.At this time, Mighty Eagle arrives to apologise to Zeta, but she quarrels with him, revealing his name as Ethan and that she raised a daughter he was unaware of named Debbie.Chuck and Bomb ask Red to join in a speed dating activity, where he meets Silver, Chuck's sister and an excellent engineering student, but she deems him incompatible.Red quits the meeting and finds Leonard, the king of Piggy Island, comes to his house to negotiate.

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As the team travels to Eagle Island by submarine, Red assures the civilians they don’t need to evacuate.

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