Syl dating kirsty 18

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Jude and his younger brother, Noah (Beau Brady) invite Seb to live with them.Noah discovers Seb's identity and Seb later vandalizes Donald's house and is caught.The production is cancelled and Seb reveals to Nick he is still in love with Kirsty.Mikey Dunn (Trent Atkinson), an autistic student enrols at the school and Seb is responsible for looking after him.Seb stops eating as a result and begins relentlessly exercising resulting in him collapsing.Jade helps Seb with his recovery and they become a couple.

Kirsty's sister, Dani (Tammin Sursok) mentions that Seb has a similar style to Josh West (Daniel Collopy), who Kirsty recently had a crush on, Seb dumps her.

Seb is left crippled and confined to a wheelchair and dumps Jade.

Donald returns from the Whitsundays to collect him and they leave.

Seb opts to stay with his great uncle Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) who is recovering from a brain tumour.

Sally's brother Christopher returns for Sally's wedding to Flynn Saunders (Joel Mc Ilroy) and is attracted to Seb and tries to kiss him.

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Mikey's behaviour causes many problems such as going missing from the Arcade and then being found naked in the school.

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