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Things to know about dating an englishman

Be prepared to start caring about football (soccer) and potentially cricket or rugby as well. If he only cares about football, you are getting off easy. You will be going to a lot of pubs when you first start dating.

So if you want to date an Englishman you are going to have to accept that enjoying football isn’t a pastime, it’s a damn way of life here.

The man paying for everything isn’t as cultural here.

The best rule of thumb is that whoever planned the date, who asked who out, is the one that will be paying for that date.

Just because he speaks like Colin Firth doesn’t mean he is educated or douche-proof. I like to keep a healthy spirit of competition alive and present in our relationship. So pick a beer, wine or cider that is your consistent go to pub drink.

And just to clarify, don’t let that sexy accent fool you. I haven’t met a single man in England who doesn’t have a certain team that he supports regularly. Sam cares about pretty much any and every sport in the entire world. If you are wondering who my team is- it is anyone that Sunderland is playing that week. Bars, in America, are an important part of dating, but bars will never be cultural in America in the same way that pubs are in England.

Learn from my errors- cocktails are not typically served in pubs aside from maybe a gin and tonic- never, under any circumstance, try to order a whisky sour. This probably won’t shock most girls, but I went to college in the South, and I can honestly say that my date/dates picked up every single cheque on a night out. Even if I offered to split the cheque, the answer was usually “no.” However, in England, if you offer to split the cheque be prepared for him to say yes.

In the interest of smoothing the transition for anyone who dreams of their own Lord Grantham, I offer these cautions and suggestions for your consideration. Not all of you will go full on Madonna — who had a fakey English accent within a month of marrying Guy Ritchie. I’m not aware that any Surrey has rubbed off on me.

While I’m focussing on English MEN, you American men looking to find your own Keira Knightly will find this a helpful primer as well. They’re hilarious (often when they least mean to be). But I still find myself, at least once a month, standing in the middle of the grocery store realizing that I can’t remember the American words for courgettes, aubergines and Swedes.

This also includes politeness and reluctance to speak out.

Sometimes it makes me feel silly because I seem so over enthusiastic and loud.

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