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It is also made available (with appropriate safeguards to protect anonymity) to other users.We are obliged to ask you for sensitive information such as ethnicity.You may make a subject access request before exercising your otherinformation rights.You can make a subject access request verbally or in writing.

This makes the information less useful for us; HESA has also asked us to improve it.If you wish to confirm that this email is genuine, please refer to the HR Division web page, which has a “Latest news” item on the need to update your details.After you have logged in, you will see direct links to the following sections of ESS: You’ll also find a link to a user manual and FAQs to provide further assistance.Having read those, if you have any queries about how to use ESS, please contact the HR Systems Helpdesk ([email protected]) Staff information is sent to HESA annually, in an anonymised form.The information gained from across the sector is analysed and made available to the government departments and agencies that need the data to help them carry out their functions.

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