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recoveryphone must be the full international phone number including country code.

At the same time a user account is created, rich profile information for the user such as phone numbers, organizational information, address and IM can be set.

gam update user [email protected] 3434380 Student Data.grade 7 Student Data.labels multivalued BASEBALL_TEAM Student Data.labels multivalued SOCCER_TEAM Student Data.labels multivalued HONOR_ROLL Retrieve details about the given user. By default, GAM will retrieve the user's group membership which results in an additional API call.

If you do not require this information you can disable it by specifying parameter prevents GAM from printing out user email aliases.

By default, if neither sha1, crypt or md5 are specified, GAM will do a sha1 hash of the provided password and send the hash instead of the plain text password for an additional layer of security.

These additional attributes can all be specified in one GAM command but are separated in the documentation for clarity.

All attributes are optional and will show in the user's directory information assuming they have not been hidden from the Global Address List (gal off).

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firstname, lastname and password arguments are optional and should be single quoted if they contain spaces or special characters like ! If not set, firstname and lastname will default to "Unknown" and password will default to a random, 25-character string.

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The optional parameter nohash disable's GAM's automatic hashing of the password (password is still sent over encrypted HTTPS) so that Google can evaluate the length and strength of the password.

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