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For example, since your PC usually only has a single screen to display graphics, your code has to merge the graphics it creates into the same image used by Windows.

For that reason, a single "graphics" object has to be shared.

It is generally undesirable to do anything in this event that will cause the Combo to lose focus, such as displaying a Message Box.

This is because the event will often fire when the user is in the process of (but has not yet completed) making a change, such as when the user is pressing the arrow keys to navigate through the list, or typing into the edit portion of the combo and using Auto Edit to find a particular item.

Unlike Text Changed, Validated didn't fire for every character change; it only fired when the user was done.So here is my suggestion : use the Lost Focus event and the Key Down event when the key is Enter.This event fires any time the Value property of the Combo changes. Selected Row and Text properties of the control, except in cases where the previously selected row has the same value or text as the new selected row.For specific information and code examples illustrating how to consume events in your application, see Consuming Events in the . Editors raise the Edit Value Changed event during the editing process, not after it is finished.

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For instance, if an editor has a text box, the Edit Value Changed event will fire each time a user types a new character.

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