What is the best city for interracial dating Free hookups no regestration no credit card

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However, if you settle there and make moves on the social front, opportunities beneath the surface will begin to open up.

SF actually has a pretty decent high end scene, but it takes a little bit of time and patience to crack into.

Ok, so we've established that Canada & the West Coast are poppin for brothas, but can anyone speak about the northeast vs. In other words would moving to cities like DC/Baltimore, Philly, NYC, or Boston be an upgrade for a black guy living in cities like Atlanta & Charlotte in terms of picking up & dating white chicks?

I always thought Atlanta was a place where brothas could really go koko loko with the local cocoa since it's swarming with blacks and due to the ratio of female to males which increases (in favour of straight males). But if you're looking to pick up white chicks, you're gonna need your A game and you need to know where to hunt.

I'll keep this thread open since the other black guy threads have more of an international focus. are the best Cities/Countries for Black American Guys to find wives???? There are so many places in the US where a brother can do well with white girls. I used to live in San Francisco and I banged more white girls there than I did anywhere else in the States by a landslide (NYC, DC, Atlanta).I happened to have a great friend there locally who is a savage and the man in that city, so he knew the ins and outs of the spots where the chicks would be.I'll never forget a smoking blond that I bagged out of there.I had a good network when I moved out there and eventually got behind an upscale events promotion company that my friend founded.I bartended at some of the events, which included a very diverse multicultural bunch (Russians, Colombians, Eritreans/Ethiopians, among other).

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Not too sure about phoenix, can anyone else add anything?

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