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Who is dan levy dating

It seemed like a swell idea, considering how their relationship began, until he discovered that Patrick's parents didn't know the truth about their relationship.After welcoming them to the motel, Johnny (Eugene Levy) accidentally mentioned David and Patrick's personal connection to Patrick's parents, and although they weren't upset at all to learn that their son is gay, they were disappointed that they didn't get to hear it from him.To add some salt to all that sugar, Patrick made sure to point out that the moment was almost perfect, except that David had forgotten his tea.These two." width="2070" height="1380" title="​​Dan Levy and ​Noah Reid in ​Schitt's Creek" data-amp-src="https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/2019/04/10/b0c99504-d419-4a15-9109-9c78b10cebeb/sc-david-patrick-coming-out.jpg" /handled that issue pretty perfectly through some very tender moments between David and Patrick in "Meet the Parents."It all began when David decided to throw Patrick a surprise birthday party.While on one knee, Patrick explained the set-up by saying, "I used to come on this hike a lot when I first moved here and I was developing feelings for this guy I'd just gotten into business with. And I didn't know what to do about it because I didn't know if that guy had the same feelings, or if I'd ever be able to muster up the courage to let him know how I felt. At this point, it's virtually impossible not to root for the Rose family to continue thriving as they (try to) adjust to their small-town lives in the titular town.Anchoring it all is the love they have developed for each other and the people they've met in these inauspicious circumstances.

Patrick tried to explain his feelings and delivered a monologue that was so full of truth that it hurt in the best way.

Patrick didn't get bent out of shape when David didn't immediately return the sentiment — in fact, he seemed to be truly amused by how uncomfortable David was with those words, since he'd only said them twice before to his parents and once at a Mariah Carey concert. You're my Mariah Carey." Because the show is never too ham-handed with the gushiness, though, Patrick instructed David to come back with tea to make up for leaving him hanging there.

"I don't expect you to say it back to me right now," Patrick told him in his usual tone of kindness. When David eventually returned, newly reminded of how special things were between himself and Patrick, he walked right up to his boyfriend, gave him a hug, and finally said it back.

Lead actor and co-executive producer Dan Levy plays David Rose on CBC’s Schitt’s Creek.

Levy, who planned out much of the set design and decor via Pinterest, is seen here with Annie Murphy, who plays his sister and roommate, Alexis Rose.

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Ahead of tonight's Season 5 finale, we're celebrating all the most unforgettable moments between David and Patrick so far, in hopes that the two will make it all the way to the finish line of the series.

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