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Who is jon gosselin dating

Watching Gosselin handle so many responsibilities including raising her eight children, people wonder if she has any time and energy left to have a personal life. We will tell you all we know about Kate Gosselin’s boyfriend right here.

According to reports, Kate Gosselin is in a relationship with her married bodyguard, Steve Neild!

It was an emotionally tough decision for Gosselin to send Collin to a school that takes care of children with special needs.

That’s the reason why he was missing from the party that she recently organized to celebrate the 13th birthday of her five remaining sextuplets.

It's nice to see that they still have a relationship with each other despite, well, the intense complications of Jon and Kate's divorce.

Plus, any moment that any of Kate's children get to spend away from her clutches is a blessing, don't you think?

He has worked as waiter at one of those restaurant chains that "Millennials are killing," he's worked installing solar panels, he's worked as a DJ.

Oh, and there was that time that he worked as a stripper.

Kate Gosselin from Kate Plus 8 is busy being a caring mother to her eight kids including 13-year-old Collin who has special needs.

This week, Jon Gosselin shared a couple of snaps of him with Colleen.

He captioned one: "Tailgating at the Def Leopard and Journey concert in Philly!!!!

At least that’s what Gosselin’s ex-husband has claimed.

Jon is currently in a custody battle with his ex-wife which is getting more bitter and uglier by the day.

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In the mean time, fans are treated to these rare snaps of Jon and his lady love.

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