Who is kellie rasberry dating

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Who is kellie rasberry dating

Kellie Rasberry was born in Mullins, South Carolina and raised in Florence, South Carolina.

She is best known for her association with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show in Dallas Texas, which later became a part of the nationally syndicated FOX show DISH Nation.

She’s a rare kind of celebrity, particularly well known in DFW, but many who know her name haven’t ever seen her face.

Hers is arguably the most well-known voice on the radio with a hint of South Carolina sunshine and unshakeable confidence.

Dallas radio personality Kellie Rasberry tied the knot over the weekend.

Rasberry married Allen Evans on Saturday night at the Stonebriar Country Club, according to photos posted of the event on Instagram.

In 2000, she was a guest co-host on the Live with Regis Philbin television show.

She also continued to go on auditions and even landed a small part in a made-for-TV movie called Holiday in Your Heart (1997) (TV) starring Le Ann Rimes.After multiple runs at trying to get work as an actress early in her career, Rasberry finally landed an agent in Atlanta, Georgia and in 1990 took an advance on her Mastercard and moved there.After yet another failed attempt to become an actress, she hightailed it back home where she landed a hosting position for the morning show on Sunny 102.9 radio station.“Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.” As she browses the menu, she says off-hand, “I’m trying to be good, but it’s so hard,” and tells me that many years ago, when she visited in Paris, she had practically lived on croque monsieurs.She orders one for the “good memories.”It’s nearing Christmas.

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She's since done some voiceover work for radio commercials and co-hosted the webcast of the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.